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Bagel Sandwich – Salsa Egg

Not deviating too much from the Tobasco Cream, but I’ll go through the entire recipe anyways. Ingredients (in stacking order): 1 bagel, sliced and toasted Generous topping of Tabasco sauce pinch of shredded lettuce Large spoon of salsa 1 egg fried over easy Optional deli slice of ham Cream cheese, choice of flavor Bagel bottom […]

Bagel Sandwich – Tabasco Cream

Ingredients: 1 bagel, sliced Cream cheese, choice of flavor but I prefer veggie or salsa Egg Optional add ons: lettuce, pickles, ham Instructuons: Toast the bagel Start to fry the egg over a medium heat. When the bagel pops out of the toaster cream cheese the bottom side. Spreading on the cream cheese while the […]