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Kevin’s Curry

You can add pretty much anything you want in terms of meat and veggies. This is my recipe for chicken curry. Basically you cook the chicken, stir fry the veggies, put everything in the pot and then just barely cover with water and boil until tender. Turn off the heat and mix in the curry […]

What’s for dinner tonight? Ravioli!

It’s Monday again. But this Monday is a special Monday because Christian and I planned ahead what we’d eat for dinner this week! Monday night’s menu — Ravioli with Spinach and Tomatoes. This recipe is so easy.  Everybody can cook this recipe.  It’s so easy I went and tried to complicate it, only deciding in […]

What’s for dinner tonight? Quinoa!

The other night my recipe search began around 6pm and ended 20 minutes later — in time for Christian and I to walk up to the market at the top of our street that closes at 7pm. I was craving something “healthy” but also something easy.  It was Tuesday night and the work week exhaustion had set […]