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Top Chef – Episode 5 recap

It’s been a big week for our Top Chef map and scorecard. First the map. Llame used to work right by the Top Chef kitchen, so the address has been pinned down and added to the map. We also added the Watertown Arsenal, scene of Episode 5’s war. There is a lot of green space […]

Top Chef – Scorecard update, map

I updated the scorecard. I was contemplating the results and noticed some mistakes. These numbers, key included, should be correct.   I’m also adding a link to the map on the front page.

Top Chef – Episode 4 recap

Wanted: Chef Gregory’s buns. That’s right, the man with the plan fell flat as his sliders got slippery and his top buns jumped. No bun for you. You read that right. Our hero dropped the bun, but Katsuji came out of nowhere with a fresh fish taco to gain immunity and the chance to show […]

Top Chef – Episode 3 recap

Hey chef, you wanna tell me why there’s a baseball in my soup? We lost Ron this week. Large portions, even in a baseball park snack inspired challenge, sent Ron packing. But the real news began with the quickfire, which pitted Aaron vs Katie. Aaron had a chance to take on Kerianne, but the the […]


Spoke with Sabel briefly today to get some insights. She actually had lunch with Mei and another one of the cheftestants. Guess which one? …Katsuji! Mei and Katsuji actually remain friends even after filming done, and still hang out currently. Katsuji is definitely more low-key in person, not so eccentric and goofy as on camera. […]

Top Chef – Episode 2 recap

Get ready to get your map on. 2 episodes in is not too soon to start scouring google maps to find the actual location of the many Top Chef sites we’ve seen so far. Spotted in the opening credits this is the Top Chef house (apartment). It’s across the street from an awesome looking burger […]

Pikliz – spicy Haitian colslaw?

Another Top Chef inspired food-web journey. Checking out the festival dishes from episode 1, Gregory’s pikliz threw me. Was he using ghetto spelling to be unique? A little googling led me here: Turns out pikliz is a real thing, the name spelled Haitian style to indicate the Haitian style pickles. Spicy! Also, looks like […]