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Finally! A home cooked dinner: Mike Chicken Satay and Scallion Pancakes

First meal in our new kitchen! After six weeks of rotating takeout from the same fast food places (no more Quiznos, please!) having a plate of nourishing grains, greens, and ‘teins sure felt soul satisfying. When discussing dinner I told Mike, “Well, I was thinking of making Mike chicken but making it… Asian.” He looked skeptical. […]

More Christmas Cookbook fun – Baked’s Orange Blueberry Muffins

I adore the breakfast pastry section in the Baked cookbook that Lisalame gave me for Christmas. Authors Lewis and Poliafito express so wonderfully the morning lift one feels from the aroma of buttery fruity pastry baking in the morning, especially when brewing espresso simultaneously!! ** LOVE-THIS-LIFE ** So to start my foray into this cookbook I chose the Orange […]

Mike Chicken + Lovely Reminders of Home

Was a great day for mike yesterday! His favorite chicken plus mail from MA. Awesome! Don’t worry Lis, we haven’t opened the box yet… but he kept shaking it and is pretty confident as to what it is. Dad, I opened his envelope since he opened mine! (fair is fair). =) It’s Christmas Week!!!

Holiday Cake Orders

Sharing some pics from recent cake project :). I’m going to leave this one in the freezer for the Braganzas to have for Thanksgiving while Mike and I are on the east siiiiide! Note the grinder above is gift from last year (thanks Cookenzo family!) Used for grinding the pistachio nuts into crumbs. Final Product: Brown butter […]

Easypeezy clam linguine

Learned this one from our Auntie Vangie growing up. This dish is done SO quickly and it tastes so fresh and classy. Perfect for when you come home exhausted after work. You just get some hot water boiling on the stove with a fistful of linguini noodles. Prep the sauce while pasta’s cooking (inbetween sips […]

boeuf bourguignon or… beef stew on a mashed potato bed

It was a bit “chilly” Sunday and Mike and we needed warm comfort food, but the kind that could self-cook itself while we sat on the couch and played video games. From reading Dad’s cooking recipes, I was reminded that you can pretty much gravy-up anything with a box of beef broth and some thickener (flour/cornstarch). So I […]

Hot Dog Lunch 2 ways

One is Mike’s, one is Ria’s. Hmm.